The Bad Dawg Experience

Hello Helloooo,

Soca Season is here! and I continue to eat like it’s Christmas time lol.

So I tried my first Bad Dawg hot dog this week, and it was… Nice.

My expectations of the hot dog were really high (due to great marketing from the Bad Dawg team lol). I expected a flavour party on my tongue and I was a BIT disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the sausage but I thought the flavours would have jumped out at me. Maybe i had too many condiments on it….

EVEN THOUGH i was disappointed by the intensity of the flavour, I still enjoyed it. If they made the sausages available by themselves, I’d definitely buy them.

The sausage wasn’t tiny either, it’s a good size “DAWG”.

I hate to admit that the thought that I might be eating a sausage made from dog meat popped in my head, BUT it was nothing but a very blonde moment lol… *scratch record* or was it?

Another unsettling thought was “is this hot dog REALLY worth 2 bills? ($200JMD)

If your a UWI Student you’ll probably know that you could get a hot dog from “Nardo’s Stall” for $150JMD with lettuce, cheese, ketchup, the works. (And if you didn’t know, now you do).

So you guys go decide for yourselves. Head to a Bad Dawg cart and try it out.

Kingston – Loshusan, Barbican Centre
Portmore – Bayside, near Ken’s Wild Flower
Falmouth – Chukka Good Hope
Ocho Rios – Main Street at the Texaco Gas Station


at UWI Integration Thursdays


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