The Cook Shop Movement

Hellooooo again! I’m awful at keeping up this blog, BUT! I wont quit! lol

So sitting in class watching Jr. Gong video for “Set Up Shop” an i could stop thinking…

I cudda really use a cook shop food rite now… A+ student rite?

Most young adults and teens who still live a with the rents know how it RUFF sometimes when you home for the holidays. Between the hrs of 12 and 5 we check the fridge every 10-15 mins religiously, hoping PRAAAYING!!! dat you’ll find SOMETHING EDIBLE!

Well today my friends, I could not take it anymore! MI JUS CUDN TEK IT!  MI BELLY DID A NYAM DUNG MI HAWGANS (My stomach was eating my organs).

Thank the Lord *blows trumpets* I live in Liguanea, close to a ghetto.

Big Up Miss Del cook shop! Save ma life!

I’m a huge advocate for cook shop food and ma brothers told me about a cook shop in sandy park, so i say, ah lemme give it a try, BILLS. fi FOOD! Sorry unuh but u deserve fi starve if u pass dat up.

After i placed my order, for breast and rice and peas wid curry gravy. When i opened ma box…………………………………….fried chicken neck -___-‘

Cudnt knock it tho! cuz is ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for food! Wen the dollar is $90 od u haffi glad fi bills food lol

an it was dyam good!

Oh God! Cook shop food NOICE unuh!

Something about the dutch pot cole stove combination… I mus find out one day

Trust me. At home, bruk and live near a ghetto or cook shop? u MUS can hustle a bills ($100) a go buy a cook food.

I’v never come across a cook shop and dem food taste bad.

When I do you’ll definitely know.  🙂

And as i part..

our dollar is at $94 – $1

KFC is $500

Jus remember a cook shop will always be there 😀

Hold the faith friends lool



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