Who doesn’t love Sunday Dinner?!

Whether it be the traditional Rice and peas and chicken, sunday dinner is an essential part of any family’s weekly ritual. Enjoy yours! 🙂


Let the hunger games begin!

Hello again my good people. Its been quite a while.

To be honest the point of this blog was for a class of mine, but iv decided (just now) to keep at it.

Like many of my classmates, we have joined the league of the unemployed so what do we do?
We stay home and eat :).

If your household is like mine, I’m sure your parents might not be able to keep up with us eating down the place, not because we’re hungry, but because we’re just SO BORED.

So with some stuff i found around the house, i made a no yeast pizza 🙂

For those of you who know their way around the kitchen you should know what yeast is, how expensive it is and that its not something you’ll find readily at home.

And for those of you who don’t know, yeast is whats used to make the dough for the crust of the pizza nioce.

Now because normal households might not have yeast, imma give u a recipe for an easy easy easy no yeast pizza recipe. You can bake this in any non stick METAL pan. Please doe use yuh moda good “pirates dish”.

Its going sound like A LOT of work but it really isn’t. Stick it out, it will pay off and you’ll have lunch for a day 🙂

2 1/2 cups flour
2 3/4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon oil (can be vegetable oil but if your feeling fancy you can use olive oil)
3/4 – 1 cup water

Mix dry ingredients (flour, baking powder and salt)
Add 3/4 cup water and oil
Stir in until it forms a ball
If the dough is too stiff, add more water

The dough will be soft, not sticky.
Then use your hands evenly and knead the dough into the shape of your pan

Bake at 400 degrees F for 15-25 minutes

And of course you toppings

You can alway use ketchup as your pizza base OR you can buy a small can of Hunts tomato sauce (the regular tomato sauce or the one with basil and garlic). This will run you no more than $90

Then you’ll need your cheese. Thankfully supermarkets are bow carrying sliced Mozzarella cheese for about $155-$290. But regular cheddar cheese does the job just as well.


Once you have your cheese and sauce you can go ahead and use 2 of those Reggae Jammin’ or Grace Sausages in your fridge or the tinned sausage tastes just as good, feel free to pile it on anything else you can find tucked away in the fridge that you think would taste good on your pizza.

Now the order your going to arrange the ingredients is as follows:


MOST of these things you’ll have in your house already so just plan ahead and sort yourself out.

And have fun! =]

Can Social Media Marketing Really Affect My Business?

Are social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being overhyped? Are all the social media pundits sending today’s business down a dark and dangerous alley?

If you are a large or medium enterprise you typically have the resource to devote to finding out the relevance of a social media focus on your overall marketing strategy. The million dollar questions for the small business are: ‘Is it really worth my time?’ ‘Can I afford to be doing this now?’

If as a small business you are trying to use social media to get the word out to your customers and prospects about how great your product/service is then you are frankly wasting your time walking down a blind alley. If, however, you are using social media to listen to your customer and learn what his/her problem or pain is and what value your business can bring to the table then you are on the right path.
Social media today is for listening. It is not a mike or a megaphone to be used to drown the customer out. To really understand your market and get to know what pain your favourite customers are suffering and what their concerns are, you need to be actively engaged in conversations with them, whether via social media or through your website.

Maximizing your web presence is key to building your small business. Any small business that is not maximizing its social media presence is missing a golden opportunity. In an era where websites are more interactive, engaging, and interesting than before, social media platforms now allow your customers to engage with you, your business, and your site by:
• Posting comments on your blog, or articles, or chatting in a forum.
• Re-tweeting your content or sharing it on Facebook,
• Watching a video, listening to a podcast, or participating in a webinar.
• Taking a quiz or responding to a poll.
The essence of social media marketing is that it is collaborative and interactive. By utilizing a platform that engages and interacts with people, you give customers more of a chance to create a connection with your business.

There are many reasons to have a great social media presence, but here are three main ones:
1. Credibility: These days, people judge you by your website. Don’t you do the same? Don’t you often check out a company’s site before deciding to use them? A great website levels the playing field; you can look every bit as big and professional as your biggest competitor. Your website is your sign to the world. It says a lot about your business. Play big.
2. Marketing and branding:  Your social media page is an incredible opportunity to market your business and brand it accordingly. Sure, simple pages are fine – but who wants to be just fine? By creating a more robust, interactive page you are creating a bigger and better image for your business.
3. Additional profit centre: Ideally, your social media profile should seek more than just presence; it should be another way to create business. Either it is so good and impressive that it almost forces people to seek you out, or it actually provides direct access to your goods and services. It is what we call word of mouth advertising done well.

A Conversation has two sides to it – talking and listening. The latter is what allows us to gain information. The difference between hearing and listening should not be confused. Listening is a skill while hearing is a physical ability. Listening skills allow us to make sense of and understand what our customer is saying. In other words, listening skills allow us to understand what the customer is ‘talking about’.

Sir Richard Launches Branson Entrepreneurship Centre For Caribbean

Heavy Featherz

Virgin Holidays passengers and Virgin Unite will pump US$3.5 million (J$300 million) into the new Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean, which opened at the ATL Bogue City Centre in Montego Bay, St James, yesterday.

The multimillion-dollar commitment, which was made by airline mogul Sir Richard Branson, spans more than 10 years.

The centre, the first of its kind in the region, welcomed its initial intake of 14 aspiring young entrepreneurs, who will participate in a series of practical coaching and mentoring foundation and then advanced programmes.

Addressing some of the country’s most influential stakeholders during the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Branson said he was moved by the energy and drive from the entrepreneurs who were accepted at the centre.

“While the centre will be a resource, the true spirit will come from the Caribbean people who are taking bold steps to improve their communities and regenerate the economy,” said Branson, urging…

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Congrats #TeamForestGump

Heavy Featherz

So yesterday we did the presentation aspect of our movie reviews. The assignment we were given was to form groups of 3 – 5 persons, pick a movie with an entrepreneurial theme, watch it and prepare a written critique to highlight the aspects of the movie that we found relevant to the principles discussed in weeks one and two of teaching. We were also to prepare a presentation for no more than five minutes to communicate these themes to the rest of the class.

As mentioned in an earlier blog entry the movie that my group decided to watch was the 1994 film “Forrest Gump”. We didn’t get an opportunity to watch the movie together as a group as our timing always seem to clash, so we all watched the movie individually and then came together and discussed the movie and compiled the written aspect of the assignment.

Now for…

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The Bad Dawg Experience

Hello Helloooo,

Soca Season is here! and I continue to eat like it’s Christmas time lol.

So I tried my first Bad Dawg hot dog this week, and it was… Nice.

My expectations of the hot dog were really high (due to great marketing from the Bad Dawg team lol). I expected a flavour party on my tongue and I was a BIT disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the sausage but I thought the flavours would have jumped out at me. Maybe i had too many condiments on it….

EVEN THOUGH i was disappointed by the intensity of the flavour, I still enjoyed it. If they made the sausages available by themselves, I’d definitely buy them.

The sausage wasn’t tiny either, it’s a good size “DAWG”.

I hate to admit that the thought that I might be eating a sausage made from dog meat popped in my head, BUT it was nothing but a very blonde moment lol… *scratch record* or was it?

Another unsettling thought was “is this hot dog REALLY worth 2 bills? ($200JMD)

If your a UWI Student you’ll probably know that you could get a hot dog from “Nardo’s Stall” for $150JMD with lettuce, cheese, ketchup, the works. (And if you didn’t know, now you do).

So you guys go decide for yourselves. Head to a Bad Dawg cart and try it out.

Kingston – Loshusan, Barbican Centre
Portmore – Bayside, near Ken’s Wild Flower
Falmouth – Chukka Good Hope
Ocho Rios – Main Street at the Texaco Gas Station


at UWI Integration Thursdays

The Cook Shop Movement

Hellooooo again! I’m awful at keeping up this blog, BUT! I wont quit! lol

So sitting in class watching Jr. Gong video for “Set Up Shop” an i could stop thinking…

I cudda really use a cook shop food rite now… A+ student rite?

Most young adults and teens who still live a with the rents know how it RUFF sometimes when you home for the holidays. Between the hrs of 12 and 5 we check the fridge every 10-15 mins religiously, hoping PRAAAYING!!! dat you’ll find SOMETHING EDIBLE!

Well today my friends, I could not take it anymore! MI JUS CUDN TEK IT!  MI BELLY DID A NYAM DUNG MI HAWGANS (My stomach was eating my organs).

Thank the Lord *blows trumpets* I live in Liguanea, close to a ghetto.

Big Up Miss Del cook shop! Save ma life!

I’m a huge advocate for cook shop food and ma brothers told me about a cook shop in sandy park, so i say, ah lemme give it a try, BILLS. fi FOOD! Sorry unuh but u deserve fi starve if u pass dat up.

After i placed my order, for breast and rice and peas wid curry gravy. When i opened ma box…………………………………….fried chicken neck -___-‘

Cudnt knock it tho! cuz is ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for food! Wen the dollar is $90 od u haffi glad fi bills food lol

an it was dyam good!

Oh God! Cook shop food NOICE unuh!

Something about the dutch pot cole stove combination… I mus find out one day

Trust me. At home, bruk and live near a ghetto or cook shop? u MUS can hustle a bills ($100) a go buy a cook food.

I’v never come across a cook shop and dem food taste bad.

When I do you’ll definitely know.  🙂

And as i part..

our dollar is at $94 – $1

KFC is $500

Jus remember a cook shop will always be there 😀

Hold the faith friends lool